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Skills in Demand
Spanish & Terminology Skills
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Spanish for the Healthcare Provider
Don’t let language and cultural barriers interfere with your ability to provide high quality care! Now there’s a Spanish course designed specifically for medical office professionals that will help you bridge the communication gap between you and your patients. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to utilize practical language skills in the clinical setting and make yourself more marketable.

Coursework Includes:

• Greet patients and their families
• Discuss appointments
• Gather and convey basic information
• Help patients with paperwork
• Inform and instruct about basic procedures
• Handle telephone calls
• Prepare the patients for discharge

#6015.204: April 26 - June 14, 2019

Fee: $399

8 weeks
Friday, 12:00 - 2:00 pm
Room 2

Registration Info
Terminology for the Medical Office
If you’re interested in pursuing a healthcare career requiring the ability to communicate with physicians, dentists, or other medical professionals, this class will meet all your needs. This medical terminology course covers the medical language and terminology used by health care professionals everywhere. This course is a GREAT asset to any of our medical programs, or as a stand-alone class.

Coursework Includes:

• Recognize and understand basic medical terms
• Identify and decipher medical abbreviations
• Terminology for Body Systems
• Spell & pronounce basic medical terminology
• Word roots, suffixes and prefixes
• Basic human anatomy & physiology

Dates / Time / Location:
9 weeks

#6031.101: Ongoing Program, Ongoing Enrollment

Fee: $199
Registration Info
* No classes 4/15 - 4/22/19, 5/27/19, 7/4/19, 9/2/19

Questions about our Medical Programs? Contact Professional Development coordinator Wendy Summerfield:
805-497-2761 x1011 or WendyS@ConejoAdultEd.org She will give you complete information about our programs,
as well as arrange for a tour of our beautiful, safe campus.
Questions about Medical Dept. classes?
Contact dept. coordinator Daren Iezza:
805-497-2761 x1401, DarenI@ConejoAdultEd.org
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Call 805-497-2761 x1402 ..... Externship questions? Call 805-497-2761 x1404

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