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Concurrent students.

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High School Students


A Concurrent high school student is a grade 10, 11 or 12 student who is enrolled in a comprehensive high school and at the same time takes a course at Conejo Valley Adult School's Learning Center after his/her regular school day in order to make up or catch up on credits.

A student must be enrolled in a Conejo Valley Unified School District high school in order to enroll concurrently in our school’s Learning Center courses; the student must be referred by the high school’s counselor.

A completed Conejo Valley Adult School Concurrent Student Registration Form must be signed by student, parent, and counselor. The student and parent should deliver the completed form to the Adult School during normal business hours, and register for the class(es) assigned by the high school counselor; there is no fee. An Adult School teacher will then contact the student to arrange for a mutually convenient individual orientation appointment.

The teacher will meet with the student for up to 1 hour per week, explaining subject matter, answering questions, administering tests and assigning further work. The student may work at home or at the Learning Center. A time limit will be set for completion of the course.

As noted above, a prerequisite for taking courses at our Learning Center is to be concurrently attending NPHS, TOHS, WHS, CVHS or Century. Students from other public or private schools are not eligible. For more information about eligibility, please contact the comprehensive high school's counselor.

High School Course Directory 2016-17 for NPHS / TOHS / WHS
*This directory is for reference only; different credit and course requirements apply for obtaining an Adult High School Diploma.
Learning Center Courses
Click on course title for description*
Cred Title
5 Algebra 1A S1**
5 Algebra 1A S2**
5 Algebra 1B S1**
5 Algebra 1B S2**
5 English 1A
5 English 1B
5 English 2A
5 English 2B
5 English 3A
5 English 3B
5 English 4A
5 English 4B
5 U.S. History A
5 U.S. History B
5 American Government
5 Economics
5 World History A
5 World History B
5 Life Science A
5 Life Science B
5 Physical Science A
5 Physical Science B
5 Geography & Cultures
5 Art Appreciation
5 Business Applications
5 Creative Writing
5 Financial Literacy
5 Math Foundations II
5 Math of Personal Finance
5 Media Literacy
5 Multicultural Studies
5 Music Apprecication
5 Psychology
5 Sociology
5 Skills for Health
* Descriptions from APEX Learning

For more information, please call 818-203-0826, or e-mail Sam Kane at SamK@ConejoAdultEd.org
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